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Vegetable Gardening Resources

Growing Your Own
A great primer from OSU on growing vegetables in oregon.

Gardening website at OSU
Contains links to many great gardening information resources.

Grow Your Own Tomatoes
Great information about tomato growing from Oregon State University.

Intensive Gardening Methods
Virginia Extension article about big vegetable production from small spaces.

Planting for Continuous Harvest
Information on how to plan your vegetable plantings to achieve a continuous harvest throughout the growing season.

Vegetable Harvest and Storage
Information on how to harvest and store all types of vegetables to maintain flavor and extend storage life.

Fall and Winter Gardening in the PNW
Oregon State University Extension article on all aspects of Fall and Winter gardening in the Pacific Northwest.

Tomato Problem Solver
Helpful information on common Tomato problems from Texas A & M University.

WSU Master Gardener Resources
Good information for Master Gardeners from our WSU Extension neighbors to the north.

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