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In our quest to answer questions about household pests and gardens, the Internet is an increasingly valuable tool. However, just because something is published on-line, does not make it a reliable source of information. Thus, it is important for Master Gardeners to limit our use of on-line resources to research-based information created by universities and other reliable sources. Also start in the Northwest first because the information is most likely to pertain to the kinds of issues that we encounter in this part of North America. Also keep in mind that most plant problems are abiotic!

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General Resources

OSU Extension Publications
List of OSU Extension Publications on many gardening topics including: Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, Fruits and Nuts, Pests (Insect and Animal), Lawns, Techniques, and Vegetables. A wealth of information in topic-specific publications.

OSU Garden Encyclopedia
Contains links to many great gardening information resources.

USDA Plant Hardiness Map
Recently updated, very detailed map of the hardiness zones in the United States. Can be searched by Zip Code or Interactive Map. It's great tool to find out your hardiness zone.

Please let us know if you have any favorite gardening related websites. You can contact us via the webmaster link at the bottom of the page. Also we'd love it if you would report bad links if you find any.

Pesticide Safety: Please Read

These sites contain information about using pesticides. Pesticides can be dangerous if used improperly or carelessly. Always follow label instructions. The pesticide product label is the final word on the safe and legal use of pesticides. Questions about pesticide toxicity can be explored at the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). Control suggestions are intended for users in the state of Oregon, USA. Others should consult with local experts before relying solely on this information.

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