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How can I fix my soggy backyard?

Dealing with a soggy yard can be tough. There are different options for resolving the sogginess, but they depend on the exact nature of your yard and the surrounding area.

Landscape contractor
One option is to have a landscape contractor look at the area and evaluate the situation for your specific yard and needs. That's probably your best bet unless you have lots of experience with drainage issues.

French drain
Another option is to install a French drain to help get rid of the excess water. A French drain is a pipe that’s perforated on the top and covered in a fabric sleeve. The whole pipe is then buried under the soggy area so the excess water flows through the fabric, into the perforations in the pipe, and then drains into a lower elevation area or a dry well. French drains do work well but they are rather intensive to install.

Rain garden
If you don’t need an extensive lawn area in your backyard, you can create a rain garden to deal with your soggy areas. Because a rain garden is a sunken garden bed you will likely need to contour and slope the land so that the water will move into the rain garden area. The garden is then planted with native plants that help absorb the excess rainwater. Metro has a helpful page about rain gardens that includes a number of other links and information. The Oregon Rain Garden Guide is a step-by-step guide on how to create a rain garden, that also includes an extensive plant list.

Hopefully, one of these options above, or a combination of them, will be the solution to your soggy backyard!

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